State Pension Age Changes


The Pensions Act 2014 specified a review of State Pension age should be conducted at least once every 6 years. John Cridland CBE was appointed as the first independent reviewer of state pension age and published his report ‘smoothing the transition’ in March 2017.

As a reminder State Pension ages are currently scheduled to increase as follows:

  • To 66 years for both men and women by 2020.
  • To 67 years for both men and women between 2026 and 2028.

John Cridland report focuses on pension age beyond 2028 and (in short) recommends

Increasing the State Pension age for both men and women to 68 years between 2037 and 2039. (Note – On 19 July 2017 -This recommendation was accepted by Government) However, the report focusses heavily on the need for both Government and employers to do more to prepare individuals for retirement, it suggests:

  • Pension age changes should be limited to once a decade so individuals may prepare accordingly.
  • All employers should have “elder care” policies in place which set out a basic care offer individuals may access.
  • Recommends a “Midlife MoT” to provide workers with advice to prepare for retirement.
  • The Government’s must take responsibility for communicating directly with those affected by State Pension age changes rather than relying on financial services providers.

It remains to be seen which recommendations (if any) are implemented by Government. However, given the underlying economic and social drivers there is little doubt state pension age will continue to increase through 2039 and beyond.


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