Pension Drawdown Arrangements

What is pension drawdown? What are the pension drawdown rules? What are drawdown advantages over an Annuity and how do I move my existing pension into a drawdown arrangement? Are questions we are asked on a regular basis.

In essence, pension drawdown offers the pension holder more control over how they take their pension benefits and how they pass any remaining pension may be past onto beneficiaries after their death. Pension drawdown potentially offers (with appropriate pension fund management) more income in retirement than an annuity, particularly at present with annuity rates at a low point.

In Drawdown, income can be withdrawn from a pension fund as required either as regular income or in lump sums. Current (and frozen) Company Pensions and Personal Pension schemes can all be converted to pension drawdown although special rules do apply to Final Salary Pensions. One, or more, pensions may be converted to drawdown using a personal pension scheme set up for the purpose.

We Can Help with one, or more, of the following:

  • Advise you on what is pension drawdown, its benefits and risks.
  • Assess your current pension arrangements and ensure drawdown is the right move for you.
  • Move one (or more) existing pension schemes into a drawdown arrangement.
  • Arrange tax-free lump sums.
  • Ensure any remaining pension fund is left to chosen beneficiaries on your death.
  • Managing your pension fund for growth.
  • Manage your tax position.

Drawdown is not the right option for everyone and you should carefully consider both the benefits and the risks. To learn more download our free pension drawdown guide. Alternatively, contact us to arrange an initial free (no obligation) review to establish if pension drawdown is the right move for you given your unique circumstances. Call us on 0800 043 8341 to discuss any specific questions you may have or email