At the Pension Review Service we pride ourselves on “thinking outside the box” for our clients. We are experts at specialist pension arrangements which might fall outside of your normal pension requirements.

There are a range of different ways in which you can invest your pension, which you may or may not have previously considered. Below are some examples to give you a flavour of what you can do.

Invest in Commercial Property and Land

Looking for new premises for your business or want to invest in commercial property or land? You could use your pension fund to achieve your goals.

Loan money back to your Company

Need to expand, or have a project in the business that needs financing? Instead of approaching your bank, why not find out if you can utilise your pension to help fund the project?

Buy shares in your business

Need to generate liquidity as an alternative to a loan or looking to buy out a shareholder without the cash funds in the business? Why not find out if you can utilise your pension to fund the purchase?

Transfer land and property into your pension and get tax relief

Would you like to make a pension contribution but are worried about the effect on your cash flow? If you or your company own commercial property or land, we can show you how to transfer in-specie into your pension scheme, saving tax without affecting your cash flow and securing your future.


Who will you turn to for help? Accountant, payroll provider, Financial Adviser? Who will be your designated contact with The Pension Regulator? Which Pension scheme is best for you and your employees?

The Pension Review Service are Independent Financial Advisers. We offer a one-stop shop and can help with all aspects of your small business automatic enrolment obligations from dealing with The Pension Regulator, recommending a pension scheme and providing a payroll solution to managing your ongoing compliance commitments.

Each of the above specialist pension arrangements carries its own risks and is not suitable for everyone. For an initial no cost or obligation discussion to evaluate if any of the above may be a suitable way forward given your circumstances then simply complete the contact box below and we will be in touch.