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Pension Transfer Advice

Transferring from a Final Salary Pension scheme is not the right move for everyone, in fact the regulatory starting point is that a transfer is unsuitable until proven otherwise. So why do people consider it?

A final salary pension transfer puts you in control. It allows you to take the level of income you require to meet your needs and delivers the option to pass on the full remaining value of your fund to beneficiaries on your death.

The choice between staying with a final salary pension scheme or making a pension transfer is not straightforward. Both the benefits and risks must be considered in detail before making a decision.

Given the complexity and the risks involved it is essential to seek out appropriate pension transfer advice to aid your decision making process. Safeguards are already in place with a legal requirement to get properly qualified Financial Advice on a final salary pension transfer when the transfer value is £30,000 or more.

We are FCA authorised and regulated and have specialised in pension advice since 2007. Our team of fifteen are highly experienced and our advisers all have the relevant qualifications to advise on pension transfers.

We will help you understand if a final salary pension transfer is right for you. If you decide a pension transfer is appropriate we will be with you every step of the way delivering the expert pension transfer advice and support you need. The key steps in our process are as follows:

STEP 1 – After an initial contact our adviser will arrange a time to telephone you to collect some initial information.

STEP 2 – We will set a meeting date to discuss the process and timescales and collect detailed information about your personal circumstances and objectives.

STEP 3 – We will carry out a detailed analysis based on the information you supply. When complete we will arrange a second meeting to discuss our findings and deliver a recommendation on the way forward.

STEP 4 – You should take the time to carefully consider the information supplied and our recommendation.

We do not charge for collecting information, consultations or review meetings. We only charge if, after due consideration in Step 4, you wish to act upon our pension transfer advice.

We are a long established Financial Advice firm specialising in pension advice. Most of our work is related to final salary pension transfer advice, frozen pension solutions and pension drawdown arrangements. You can read more on our about us and testimonials pages.

To arrange a free review to establish if a pension transfer may be the best way forward for you complete the contact box below and we will call you back to arrange a convenient date and time.

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