Investment Management

Are your investments performing to their full potential? Do you receive an acceptable level of service and are the fees reasonable? After working hard over the years to build a retirement fund it is important to ensure that fund delivers the retirement you aspire to.

How We Can Help

We believe the key to success is a detailed understanding of our client’s individual circumstances, their needs and aspirations. We believe this is an essential foundation on which to base an ongoing, personalised financial planning and investment management service. Our advice process is built on three pillars:

  • Our straightforward, no nonsense approach,
  • The strength of our team and partners
  • Our ongoing commitment to client communication and support

We are open and transparent about our fee structure and always agree on our fees in advance.

Comparing Investment Performance

Investment performance should be monitored on a regular basis. History shows the value of investments rise and fall over time.  Although it can be difficult to make direct comparisons between investments your fund should at least perform well against industry averages.

Fees and charges can be far from transparent but it is important to understand the total you are paying and make an assessment if that total is reasonable. You may believe you are getting a good deal but is there an element of charges you have missed?

Performance and fees may be difficult to quantify but poor customer service is not. Is the level of service you receive adequate. How does the level of service equate to charges? Does your financial adviser’s team really have your best interests at heart? Are they working diligently in the background or simply collecting a fee?

Should you wish to review the performance of your investments complete the contact box below and we will call you back to arrange a investment assessment meeting (no cost or obligation)

The Service You Should Expect

It is reasonable to expect regular updates on the performance of your investments. Those reports should be simple to understand. You should not need to wade through masses of text and diagrams to find the information you need

A client service team should be available to promptly deal with any questions you may have. The best customer service teams will proactively reach out to you on a regular basis to check all is well.

Understanding Fees

There are several links in the investment management chain and total fees are usually made up of several elements. It is import to understand the cost of each element, what it covers and how it stacks against industry averages.

High fees over many years can have a significant negative impact on the value of an investment portfolio. Some level of fees for services is to be expected. It is the level of fees that is the issue. That said, the cheapest is often not the best.

Managing Your Investment Portfolio

Your adviser may manage your investment portfolio. You may take the DIY route or operate somewhere in between the two. Whatever route you take it is important someone takes charge or re-balancing your investment portfolio as required. Failure to take action when it is necessary can have a serious impact on investment growth.

That said, any changes should certainly not be a knee jerk reaction to some financial market event. They should be carefully considered and thought through. If you are employing some intermediary to manage your portfolio it is important to ensure they are experienced and working effectively on your behalf.

To learn more, or to simply talk through your circumstances and your investment performance (without initial cost or obligation), call us on 0800 043 8341 or email


The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. The past is not a guide to future performance. This page is intended to provide a general review of certain topics and its purpose is to inform but NOT to recommend or support any specific investment or course of action. Tax regulations can change and any figures quoted above are at the date of publication.