Many people tell us that they are daunted by the decisions they need to make and are concerned about how they will generate income from their pensions in retirement. The government’s new pension rules (2015) have created even more options, with greater flexibility around taking your pension and new choices to consider. There is evidence they have also left many confused about the best way forward. We deliver straightforward pension advice for individuals and business owners, including:

Final Salary Pension Transfers

Pension Drawdown Arrangements

Frozen Pension Solutions

Pension Lump Sum Release (from 55 years of age)

Lifetime Allowance Management

Specialist pension advice for business owners / directors

Will you take advantage of the new flexible retirement rules announced by the Chancellor? Are you certain your pension will last for your entire retirement and deliver the lifestyle you aspire to? Why not try our Pension Calculator App to obtain a quick analysis of your situation.


There is a lot to consider but retirement planning doesn’t need to be complex. Some practical, common sense, straightforward pension advice can help you to plan an ideal retirement. That’s what we specialise in providing and we can get started with just a brief conversation.

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