Pension Drawdown Calculator

Download our free Pension Drawdown Calculator App and decide if Pension Drawdown is the right approach for you.

The Pension Freedoms (2015) made Pension Drawdown an attractive option for some. Unlike an Annuity you may:

  • Withdraw what you want from your pension fund, when you want.
  • Leave any remaining pension fund to beneficiaries (including children) after your death.
  • Manage your investments and exposure to risk.
  • Access a tax free sum (upto 25% of the fund value) when you reach 55 years of age.

It is important to note Pension Drawdown is not the right move for everyone and there are risks. Download our Pension Drawdown Calculator, input your existing pension fund and contributions, determine the level of your tax free sum (if any), set your required retirement income and establish when your pension fund will run out. Not happy with the answers then scroll back and change the numbers. Use our free pension drawdown calculator App to determine what you need to invest and when you can retire to match your retirement goals.

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